Apex Logo


Rationale of the Logo

The logo was created as a continuity of the APEX initiative since it began in 2008. The triangular shape denotes the three angles representing the core values - excellence, harmony and togetherness and joined by the components in life based on humanity, nature and divinity. The triangle is set in an ascending manner, indicative of the continuous achievements of the university as they soar higher, and is arranged into the shape of the letter 'A' in reflecting the all-around excellence. The composition of the nine triangles represents the nine thrusts of APEX (Knowledge, Future, Sustainability, Uniqueness, Universality, Humanity, Change, Sacrifice, Well being) in driving excellence. The biggest triangle (purple) represents the basis for knowledge while the medium-size triangle (white) represents harmony.

Description of the Colours of the Logo

Purple signifies maturity while orange relates to dynamism and it fits perfectly with the motto of We Lead and APEX, having its basis in maturity and strength enhanced with dynamic characteristics and attitudes.