Institutional Education Goal (IEG)

USM Institutional Education Goal (IEG) is based on its HEBAT Agenda that aims to produce holistic, entrepreneurial mindset, balanced, articulate and thinking graduates to contribute to the wellbeing of the society, as well as meeting national and global needs.

Five (5) USM Institutional Educational Goal (IEG) aims to produce graduates that are able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and skills, especially in their professional discipline with global mindset using critical thinking and problem-solving approaches
  2. Exhibit balanced attributes of altruistic values and attitudes, ethics and professionalism, scientific thinking, arts and humanity toward good citizenry and nation building
  3. Demonstrate socio-entrepreneurial skills and mindset, capable of contributing to the wellbeing of society in bridging inequality and enhancing sustainability
  4. Communicate effectively and with confidence, encompassing intra-and inter-disciplines, society and technology
  5. Demonstrate leadership, teamwork skills and practice lifelong learning, especially in their professional discipline

Admission To USM

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