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At USM, we are committed to a sustainable future, and energy plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. Through our 5-year Sustainability Action Plan, we have set ambitious targets to reduce energy consumption, ensure compliance with the Malaysian Standard MS 1525:2007 across all university buildings, promote renewable energy generation, and transition our university vehicles to hybrid technology energy sources. We will explore our efforts in Green Technology, Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency to shed light on the initiatives driving USM towards a more environmentally responsible and energy-conscious institution. Read More..

  • Green Technology

    The Green Technology explores USM's adoption of environmentally friendly and innovative technologies to minimize our environmental footprint. This includes the implementation of energy-efficient systems, sustainable construction practices, and smart technologies to optimize energy usage.

  • Renewable Energy

    USM is actively investing in renewable energy sources to reduce our carbon footprint. Our renewable energy projects, solar panels, will help us generate power sustainably and contribute to a greener campus. Reaching a milestone of 50% renewable energy generation by 2025, contributing significantly to reducing our carbon footprint and reliance on traditional energy sources.

    USM set up a 10.6MWp on-site rooftop solar system that is able to generate power for 63.73% of its peak power demand. It will generate approximately 278,683MWh of clean energy and enable USM to eliminate 217,705 tonnes of CO2 emissions in total.

  • Energy Efficiency

    The energy efficiency programme is at the core of USM's sustainability efforts.. This includes the strategies and initiatives in place to optimize energy consumption in university buildings and operations. We'll delve into energy audits, retrofitting projects, and behavioral changes through GreenOffice@USM and GreenDesa@USM initiatives that contribute to reducing energy consumption and costs. We recognize that behavioral change plays a pivotal role in reducing energy consumption. Read More..


In USM, the built environment emphasizes eco-friendly construction, energy-efficient facilities, and green spaces, fostering a sustainable and conducive campus atmosphere.


USM prioritizes responsible water use and conservation. We employ water-saving technologies and promote conservation practices, engaging the campus community through education and awareness campaigns.


USM emphasizes waste minimization and recycling. Our efforts include recycling facilities, awareness campaigns, and collaborations for proper waste management.


USM prioritizes energy sustainability through efficiency and renewable sources. As part of our effort to reduce carbon emissions, we adopt energy-saving tech, lighting, and solar panels.


USM is dedicated to climate change mitigation and adaptation. We integrate climate topics into our curriculum, conduct research, and organize awareness campaigns, seminars, and workshops.


USM prioritizes sustainability through health and well-being initiatives by promoting physical and mental health, offering recreational facilities, and fostering a holistic and sustainable campus community.


USM emphasizes biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management in conducting research, collaborating with stakeholders, integrating biodiversity education, and practicing sustainable land use.